About me

Hi! I am Favour obsessed with Jesus,  keeps falling in love with Him all the more and more…   I gave my life to Jesus in 2008 , since then I found  new life in Christ! It is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.Christ became and always  enough for me!. It has not been an easy journey, though, there have been challenges, trials, difficulties, tests, struggles but God has been Merciful! and shown Himself  Faithful, Faithful, and  Faithful!!  which is why I’m still here today only by His Grace!.  I love God so much and wonder where I would be if not for HIM!  (Psalm 124).God has loved me unconditionally when I’m undeserving, He has poured out  His mercy and blessing on my life, He believes in me when I don’t, understands me when I cannot understand myself. He brightens my life every day and has shown me light in a dark world. How amazing to have a Saviour who watches, cares and protects us without limits.

I have a strong desire to serve God with all my life,  live a fulfilled life of worship to God, with full devotion and surrendering all to Jesus. I love to worship God in all I do, Lifting HIM up! I believe It is what we were created for. Only God deserves all the Glory! It is all About HIM and Only HIM is Worthy of it ALL!.My passion is to be part of God’s ministers preaching and telling others about  Jesus, encourage others (including myself) to live a Fulfilled life of Worship;  a life of purpose, full devotion, total obedience and total surrender,  thus giving Glory to GOD  in our everyday lives.

By the will of the holy spirit, my counselor, comforter, and guardian, through being led by Him, I will post different topics here and It is my prayer that the Lord  ministers to you through these blog posts, I Hope this blog impacts and be of a good encouragement to you in living a Fulfilled life of Worship for HIS GLORY!

God Bless You

Love you,


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